hg0088皇冠会员登录Here is a special message to you from Delia and Michael for Christmas

"One of the things we like about Christmas is the predictability of it all. The comforting routine of knowing what you should be doing at any one time. Peel the sprouts at 10.30, put the pudding on at 11.30 and so on and so on...

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hg0088皇冠会员登录Another thing is the knowledge that all the toil in the run-up will be rewarded by having enough food to last almost until the New Year.  That will be particularly welcome this year because by a quirk of the fixture list Norwich City have four matches in the space of ten days.

We will certainly enjoy them - results permitting of course - but there is something extra comforting in coming home afterwards to some sausages rolls, mince pies or trifle. We shall have a few guests on Christmas Day itself, but the rest of what time remains between matches will be spent on our ever-ongoing marathon of Scrabble and running some of the TV series we have hoarded for the festive season.  So all very predictable, but bliss nonetheless.

hg0088皇冠会员登录We hope you all have an equally uncomplicated and satisfying holiday.  Happy Christmas!"

Delia and Michael

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